Founding CM&E


CM&E was established in 1954 by an ACS NY Section's steering committee in order to address the challenges of the industry of chemistry in all of its phases.


Over time the group focus has expanded from technology and business to investments and policy in order to develop a holistic approach to advancing the transformational power of chemistry, the central science, for the benefit of humanity.


The founding committee included leaders from the Vick Chemical Company (acquired by P&G), Allied Chemical and Dye (acquired by Honeywell), Celanese Corporation, The Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter (acquired by ICIS), and American Cyanamid (parts of the company were acquired separately by BASF, Pfizer and Cytec).


The inaugural speaker was Dr. Joseph G. Davidson, president of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Company (Union Carbide later acquired by Dow Chemical).


On its Diamond Jubilee, the Lifetime Achievement honoree and the first speaker of the 2014 Leadership Awards of CM&E was Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical.




















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About Us
Impactful Topics, Provocative Speakers, Cutting-edge Insights since March 11, 1954

Chemical Marketing & Economics (CME)

Established on March 11, 1954, CME is a topical group of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section. ACS, founded in Manhattan in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress, is the world's largest scientific society with over 160,000 members and the premier global home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions. ACS is one of the leading sources of authoritative information with 50 scientific journals and a registry of 130 million inorganic and organic substances.

CME focuses on exciting global trends, vibrant multi-disciplinary networking and actionable insights, by organizing monthly luncheons and webcasts in midtown NYC where thought leaders present original research and cutting-edge outlooks on business, economy, and technology in energy, materials & life science. CM&E audience includes professionals from industry, investment, academia, government, media and supranational organizations.

Areas of interest include venture capital, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cleantech, plastics, renewable resources, bio-nanotechnology, emerging markets, innovation and sustainability. Past speakers include:

> Craig Venter, PhD, Co-Founder, Human Longevity, Inc.
> Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemical
> Jon M. Huntsman, Executive Chairman, Huntsman Corporation
> Daniel Gamba, Managing Director, Latin America, BlackRock
> James Green, PhD, Chief Scientist, NASA
> Jeff Kolke, Senior Vice President, GE Capital

CME today is recognized as the preeminent business and investment group of the ACS New York Section and we are committed to continue to expand our presence globally.

Events held at prestigious venues in New York city such as the Penn Club, the Metropolitan Club, the Yale Club and Aureole restaurant. Professionals around the world can join us via live and recorded webcasts.

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ChemLuminary Awards related to CME

ACS established the ChemLuminary Awards in 1998 to recognize local sections, technical divisions, regional meetings, and international chemical sciences chapters for their tireless efforts and work in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences. The awards are received the year after the event or performance. The ChemLuminary Awards received by the ACS New York Section that include contributions from CME activities and revenues are:

2013 Global Engagement Award (CME founds the Leadership Awards in 2012)

2013 Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Very Large Size Category Award

2015 Global Engagement Award: Local Section (CME establishes the foundation for the first ACS Chapter in South America in 2014)

2015 Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Very Large Size Category Award

2016 Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Very Large Size Category Award

2018 Joint Technical Division and Local Section Award (CME conceives and co-organizes with POLY Technical Division the first ACS NASA Symposium in 2017)

2018 Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Very Large Size Category Award


The Illustrious History of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section 

Thirty-five chemists met at the College of Pharmacy of the City of New York on April 6, 1876, to found the American Chemical Society. Seven months later, the first president of the newly formed society, John William Draper, delivered his inaugural address at Chickering Hall in New York. 

Founded on September 30, 1891, the American Chemical Society’s New York Section was the first group in in the association to give a National Prize. Since 1903, and as of 2018, the Annual Nichols Award has been given  to 108  scientists, 18  of which also received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry or Medicine. Some of those Nobel Laureates who were recognized with the ACS NY Nichols Medal include:

Nichols Medal
Nobel Prize
Irving Langmuir 1915 & 1920 1932
Linus Pauling 1941 1954
Glenn T. Seaborg 1948 1951
Robert B. Woodard 1956 1965
Melvin Calvin 1958 1961
Herbert C. Brown 1959 1979
Henry Taub 1971 1983
Bruce Merrifield 1973 1984
Elias J. Corey 1977 1990
Roald Hoffmann 1981 1981
Richard E. Smalley 1993 1996
Ahmed H.  Zewail 1998 1999


Recent recipients of the Nichols Medal are:

2011 - Julius Rebek, Jr. for Advances in the Science of Molecular Recognition and Encapsulation.
2012 - Alan G. Marshall for Advances in Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry.
2013 - Richard Eisenberg for Advances in Inorganic Photochemistry.
2014 - Amos B Smith, III, for Synthetic Organic Chemistry
2015 - Gabor Sormojai, UC Berkeley, for Molecular Surface Science.
2016 - Stephen L. Buchwald, the Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Organometallic Chemistry, Ligand Design, and Catalysis.
2017 - Chad A. Mirkin of Northwestern University for his pioneering practical applications of nanochemistry.
2018 - Debra R. Rolison of U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for Pioneering Energy Relevant 3D Nanoarchitectures.